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Ease of mind purchase

This is a wonderful way to have your health information in an easy to see location.

Couple's Combo Pack
Maureen Conwell

Love the way it adheres to the front of the refrigerator.

Thank you!

WHAT I needed…for my car and fridge, I have a lot of health issues

Pet Key Tag

The pet key tag wallet combo is that extra step of security to take one more worry off my mind. With these two little things, I no longer have to worry about what would happen to my pets, if I were hurt, and unable to come home to them.

Kathryn (Kuki) Benson

I am SO happy on receiving my packet. Being 71 yrs old, I still travel about 2-3 times a month. I travel alone a lot so by having these documents for emergency.

Ronald Anderson


Couple's Combo Pack
Bonnie Hall
Very Helpful

This will help make sure I have all the emergency medical information available to EMT/Medics that will come to a car accident or to my apartment if I need their help.

Replacement RED Life pocket forms (2-Pack)

Yellow Dot Decal

It’s great - nobody should miss that if I get into a car accident!.
And it’s so inexpensive!

Emergency information

A very useful tool for the elderly and others for putting on your fridge!


Simple form to make available to first responders in case of an emergency!

Medical Alert ID USB Leather Bracelet


Everyone should purchase these forms, every bit of information that you would need is in the packet and the pet packet is perfect, we sometimes don't think to have our pet information handy, this works great. I recommend 100%.

All alone

I'm getting along in years and I live alone. I've given one of your Data cards to my niece who lives nearby and I have one on the fridge in plain sight. Thanks.

Couple's Combo Pack
Mary Molski
Great buy.

After looking at the blank form, I was surprised at all the information it would eventually need. When I collected all of the information, I was very happy to see what I had done. I showed it to my doctor, and she was very impressed with how valuable it would be for a doctor, if I were taken into a hospital and couldn't talk. This is the best purchase I have made in quite a while.

Couple's Combo Pack
Karen Sacchetillo


Excellent resource

Just what I needed for my 92 yr old mother. Its completed and on the refrigerator door for EMTs if needed.

Combo Wallet Card/Key Tag
Pamela DeGordon
Emergency data

Love it thank you for that it really help a lot Great idea have this information
I give 5 stars suggest you get all these it’s worth it for your life

Great idea

Perfect idea to have in case I need emergency medical help. Put sticker tag on window by door so e m people know to look for information on refrigerator door.
Have one for me and my husband. Thanks for this.

What a great idea

It's a great idea to have this information available in case of an emergency. Going to order more for the whole family including the kids.

Amazing for many

This is so much easier than a piece of paper records

A responsible need for all

I know how important quick response is necessary in a medical emergency. This helps responding care givers, the police, and other family members who are dealing with emotions and time restraints. Keep it updated too

Cullen Peter


Tomorrow is not promised us...

Since my husband and I are older and long distance from family I had concerns over if anything would incapacitate me (like a car accident) my husband cannot speak, so I am his advocate. I feel so much more secure knowing there is medical info at hand in case something happens - especially on the road! Great idea!

Excellent Products

Very good idea to protect our pets. Affordable price and easy process to buy. Definitely ordering other items and ready to refer my friends to buy.