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Excellent product

Gives me a feeling of comfort when I am traveling alone

Great in an emergency for first responders

My only suggestion would be to have adhesive on the face of the dot so it can be mounted on the inside of the vehicle.

Well Done!

I have had other USB Med Alerts, this is by far the best I've had. It seems well-built and sturdy. The form that came with it was very comprehensive. For the USB's I've had, I ended up making my own sheets. The only thing I wish was built in to the form was a place for Covid Vaccination status, and Pharmacy. I would recommend this highly. (Customer service was excellent also!)
(I'm a former EMT)

Protect ur covid 19 Vax card

Very well made and serves the purpose

Great Stuff

Great Item for someone like me!

Great little package

I have a rabbit. They don't bark or meow, they do not cry out. She would die unless someone knew she was there. This gives me some peace of mind that in the event something happens to me she will be taken care of

Great Item to have

As a senior pet owner it is important that she be looked after if anything happens to me and as an older person it is more possible than not. I now have peace of mind that if I am hospitalized my fur baby will be gotten to and looked after properly!

Lisa Austin


Combo Wallet Card/Key Tag

Life Saving

This can provide valuable information if you can’t speak for yourself.

Valuable help

A great way to get information to rescue personnel when you can’t speak for yourself. Pleased with my purchase and giving 3 as gifts.

Credit Card Style Medical Alert USB ID

Ruth A Huggins

I have placed my info both in my car and my home. Thank you!

Couple's Combo Pack
Handy, compact for critical medical information

This is a compact place to keep all of your critical medical information so that it is readily available to emergency responders or whoever needs to access it. One is designed to be kept on your refrigerator (or other location in your home) and the other in the glove compartment of your car. I do not have a car, so plan to carry the yellow one with me.

Handy, compact for critical medical information

This is very handy because your critical medical information is condensed in one place in your home and a duplicate for your car. Asks for all of the relevant information. I don't have a car, but plan to carry the yellow one in my purse.

Great product

The USB is tag is very easy to upgrade and the price is very reasonable too. I like the fact that I can easily update my information which is really awesome.

Yellow Dot Decals
Linda Soucy
Awesome product

Such a good idea.

Just a wonderful resource

Such a wonderful thing to have. Easy to complete and invaluable to have available.

Diane Slade

As a senior living by myself, I decided to order this so my information would be available in an emergency. These forms hold a great deal of information such as meds, dr info, contacts etc. Have one in my car and one on the fridge. Definitely recommend these for anyone, especially those living by themselves.

Pet Key Tag Wallet Card Combo

Well thought-out/put together combo package...even with 🐕 pet(s) tags because pets are family too!

Couple's Combo Pack
Gloria Chestnut
Good to have.

Received Couple's Combo Pack just in time to fill out & have available in our motor home during our first trip out in almost 2 years due to Covid. Relaxing to have all our info available if something happens no matter what your age is.

Elise Dorne
Life Pocket Combo

Well organized, well made, and useful.

Linda Soucy

Very easy to use

Timely Information for the EMS Team

The Medical Alert ID tag is an easy way to keep up-to-date information on you in case a issue should occur. The provided form is easy to keep current and store on your computer and USB Dog Tag. I added my DNR and other legal information that may be appropriate depending on my condition.

Key tag.

It's nice to have something readily available in case of an emergency that emergency responders don't have to search for to get pertinent information. The wallet card and key tag both look to be of a quality that will stand up to every day wear and tear.