In an Emergency will first responders have access to your critical Medical and Emergency contact information?

With our Medical Alert ID USB bracelets, key chains, wallet cards, and lanyards all of your Critical Medical information including your Emergency Contacts, will be at the fingertips of first responders allowing them to contact loved ones immediately and provide appropriate medical care without delay!

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Emergencies happen all the time and with our Medical Alert ID USB, Authorities will be able to contact your loved ones quickly.

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Awesome Idea! Got mine today and it's so easy to use. Just fill out the form and I was done. I feel much safer now.

Vanessa T. (Las Vegas, NV)

Showed mine to my Doctor and he was very impressed with all the information contained on my USB Bracelet. Ordering more for the rest of the family.

Frank Davis (Chandler, Az)

Delivered as promised. Highly recommend for anyone with any health conditions. What an incredible yet simple idea at such an affordable price!

Art Gonyer (Henderson, NV)

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