Instructions on how to load and/or change your information on your USB file.

1. Expose the USB so the gold colored pins are visible.

2. Insert the USB drive into any open port on your computer with the gold pins facing up. 

3. Once inserted a folder containing the medical form should pop up. Once it does double click on it to open the file. 

4. You can begin to load your information onto the fil by answering the questions and checking the appropriate boxes. I highly recommend you periodically hit save so you do not lose your information.

5. Once the form is completed you can drag and drop any additional documents on the usb drive and I also highly recommend you drop a recent photo of yourself for easy identification. 

6. If you need to come back and edit any of the information at anytime simply follow the above steps and go into and edit the necessary information. 

If at anytime you require assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to me at